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Lomitas Elementary School

Lomitas Elementary School, A "National Blue Ribbon School"

"The price of justice is eternal publicity."
-- Arnold Bennet

The American Society for Ethics in Education was originally developed out of respect for the children at Lomitas Elementary School (Victorville, CA), which recently received the "National Blue Ribbon School Award" from President Clinton. Unfortunately, this school has subjected children to horrible situations and has caused great harm to teachers who have tried to help these children. In addition, the National Education A$$ociation, the California Teachers Association, the United States Department of Education, and the California Department of Education all sat around while this was happening. Be sure to explore this site, in detail, and find out what's really wrong with the educational system in the United States. You will want to be a regular visitor to keep abreast of ongoing developments.

Lomitas Elementary School - "National Blue Ribbon School"

Lomitas Elementary School Student Horror Stories

This is a sampling of some of the children from just one classroom that were denied services at Lomitas Elementary School. Isn't this "California Distinguished School" and "National Blue Ribbon School" a great place?

  • Mentally Retarded Child - THREE YEARS in a regular education classroom with NO HELP PROVIDED
  • Abducted Child - NO HELP PROVIDED
  • Seizure Child - NO HELP PROVIDED
  • Molested Child in Foster Home - NO HELP PROVIDED
  • Child Needs Help - Mother Can't Attend Meeting - NO HELP PROVIDED
  • ADHD Child (Identified at Previous School) - NO HELP PROVIDED
  • Child Pulls Head Off of Bird - NO HELP PROVIDED

Obviously, there is something VERY WRONG with our government agencies, as well as those that are supposed to protect children and teachers, when they allow schools as Lomitas Elementary to be honored as one of our "nation's finest."