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  • First Lady Hilary Clinton Requests US Department of Education to reexamine case against Lomitas Elementary School of the Victor Elementary School District.
  • Presidential Candidate, Gov. George W. Bush outlines plans for "Strong Teachers, Strong Schools."
  • Senator John McCain provides extraordinarily insightful words to the American Society for Ethics in Education
  • Al Gore - ASEE has received NOTHING from the Vice President regarding the horrors that are so prevalent in our schools and the corrupt unions that allegedly "represent" our nation's teachers.

American Society for Ethics in Education in the News

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April 2001 - Channel 13 News, Los Angeles, did a newscast on one of the teachers who was harassed by his school district and whose story has been placed on this site. Please visit Channel 13's Web Site for their story. Thank you Channel 13 for airing this story. Also, be sure to visit Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie's Web Site on bullying in the workplace. Dr. Namie was the one who made this broadcast possible.
Substance (March 2000) - The Nation's Leading Newspaper devoted exclusively to exposing corruption and unethical practices in our schools! (March 3, 2000) - EducationNews has just named the American Society for Ethics in Education as the "EDUCATION SITE OF THE WEEK!" Thank you Education News for this tremendous honor!
ZENIT (February 29, 2000) - the Vatican's International News Agency based in Rome, is apparently the FIRST INTERNATIONAL NEWS AGENCY to announce the formation of the American Society for Ethics in Education. Click Here to view the post on Zenit's site. Zenit's "mission is to provide objective and professional coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church for a worldwide audience, especially the media," Thank you Zenit!
CNN (Cable News Network) (February 9, 2000): "Many Workers Feel Bullied by Their Bosses" Although ASEE is not mentioned by name, when you click on CNN's video feed link, you will see (if you look VERY CAREFULLY over the shoulder of the waitress who was interviewed) Jeff La Marca, of the American Society for Ethics in Education speaking about the atrocities he experienced while employed by the Victor Elementary School District at Lomitas Elementary School.

Unethical Practices in American Schools as Reported in the Media
Feburary 2003 - First ever North American legislation on bullying in the workplace is now before the California State Legislature. This bill, sponsored by the Institute on Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute could provide significant help for victims of abuse in workplace. All readers are strongly encouraged to visit the Institute's Web Site and also view their news release.

International Cases of Unethical Behavior in Schools

Teachers from the United States, Canada, and Australia are the NUMBER ONE group of individuals seeking help from this British Source!!!!! What is WRONG with us, here in the United States, when we can't even take care of our own!
Deputy Head Bullying Case - Teacher in England severely harassed and wins lawsuit.

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Campaign Against Workplace Bullying - the PREMIERE site on the Internet for those who have been severely bullied - this is a MUST VISIT site if you are (or have) been subjected to intentional workplace trauma.
Geobopological Survey Site - Horrors from Seattle, Washington. You should be exploring this site by clicking on the "Education Reform" link. - An Education Search Engine that was the FIRST search engine to add a link to ASEE (Feb. 27, 2000)