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Resources for Teachers Needing Help

Don't let them get you for being honest and caring about children! Take a look at the following sites for assistance. Do it NOW - too many other fine teachers have suffered - don't wait until your health has been destroyed!


  • Bully Busters - The Campaign Against Workplace Bullying is an INCREDIBLE organization that is at the forefront of a national (international) movement to demand that harassment in the workplace MUST be stopped - NOW! Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie, CAWB founders, should be considered national treasures for the integrity, honesty, and concern for others they have displayed in exposing the enormous epidemic of life long harm now being done to fine people in all walks of life - simply because they too are trying to work with integrity!
  • The Learning Disabilities Association of California - This is an excellent resource for those who are genuinely concerned with assisting those with learning disabilities!
  • The Samaritans - Depressed? Stressed to the limit? Think you may need help? Want a confidential source share your feelings with NOW? Check out the Samaritans web site TODAY.
  • WeTip - Do you have information about corruption in YOUR school or district? If so, TURN YOUR CRIMINALS IN - ANONYMOUSLY on the WeTip Web Site. Go get 'em!

Illnesses Related to Severe Harassment in the Work Place

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - This is a SEVERE, LONG-TERM illness which appears to be a rather common, unspoken epidemic, among many teachers. This illness may be brought on by persistent, ongoing, harassment in the workplace as well as the conditions within the classroom that are ignored by those (administrators and unions) that SHOULD be helping teachers but don't.

Recommended Books and Reading Materials

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