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About ASEE

ASEE Goals:

The American Society for Ethics in Education (ASEE) is dedicated to:

  1. Stopping abusive practices in our schools that harm children,
  2. Exposing corruption in our schools,
  3. Identifying unethical and illegal practices by school related institutions (local and state boards of education, as well as the United States Department of Education),
  4. Documenting the failure of teachers' unions to protect their members and expose corrupt practices within those unions,
  5. Supporting teachers who have been bullied, harassed, and/or abused in their efforts to teach children,
  6. Providing a place where teachers may find help,
  7. Serving as a source of hope for educators that have been harmed by bullying, mobbing, harassment, etc.

Why this Site was Created

During the 1990-91 school year, the webmaster of the American Society for Ethics in Education was one of the original teachers who helped open Lomitas Elementary School of the Victor Elementary School District . For the next six years, he observed racial discrimination and refusal to assist students with severe special needs. In addition, he was severely harassed when attempting to help the children in his classroom and watched the school intentionally segregate children by race. By 1996, this discrimination had become such a severe problem that he reported Lomitas Elementary School to the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and left his position as a teacher to accept a job elsewhere. To say the very least, the differences between the two districts were absolutely surreal (in the most literal sense). While the OCR complaint was filed specifically against Lomitas Elementary School, it quickly turned into a class action situation whereby the entire school district was monitored for two years for compliance with Federal regulations concerning racial segregation and laws governing the rights of children with special needs. Detailed information about this horrible school may be found by clicking here.

What You Can Do to Help

The American Society for Ethics in Education (ASEE) is a grassroots organization. Based upon the enormous amount of feedback already being received from educators who have had similar experience with corrupt governmental and "nonprofit" education related organizations, it appears as if additional assistance will soon be needed. You can assist ASEE now if you:

  • Are willing to write about and/or expose corruption within our schools,
  • Would like to share your own personal experiences with unethical and/or illegal activities within the National Education Association and their affiliates,
  • Wish to design a logo for the American Society for Ethics in Education,
  • Can provide legal assistance to assist those that are currently being harmed by, or within, our schools. (The National Education Association doesn't do that for their teachers.)