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California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Cronies at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)

This bumbling organization is the official state agency for certifying teachers to serve in the classroom. Unfortunately, this agency is incapable of performing many of its most important tasks in that it allows such marvels of educational excellence (including the notorious "Jailhouse Sallye," who murdered a man to roam about school while wearing an "electronic leash") to continue working. While the CTC allows such educational travesties to exist, it also participates in the harassment of teachers (such as the one who had been employed by the Victor Elementary School District), by allowing districts, such as the Victor Elementary School District, to try and revoke a teacher's credential for attempting to assist children and exercising his first amendment rights - even though that teacher had ALWAYS received exemplary job evaluations! Take a look a few of these horrify stories: