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State Horror

  • The Geobopological Survey Site [temporarily unavailabe] - Be sure to explore this site as it details HORRORS in Seattle, Washington Schools. It also covers the GROSS hypocrisy of Al Gore's "interest" in education. (Al Gore, as part of the Clinton Administration, has REFUSED to acknowledge the horrors of racism and discrimination within our "National Blue Ribbon Schools." Al Gore has also IGNORED the epidemic of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that destroys the lives of so many fine educators. BTW, isn't "mental health" one of Tipper's "pet projects" - guess that must just be another fraud funded by the corrupt !

County Horrors

  • King County - World's greatest college teacher (Just ask him!) abuses students!
Local Horrors
  • Bellevue School District - Is the superintendent of schools using his position with a for-profit company to sell products?
  • Fast Times at Garfield High School: Home of Al Jones, principal fired over allegations of sexual relations with a student and also the recent suicide of a teacher highly respected by others who was subjected to horrible abuse.
  • Highline School District 401 Under Fire [link no longer valid] - A modern day Inquisition of torment!
  • "Dirty Dan" Barton - Principal from Hell (?) is, once again, in the news. From allegations of sexual harassment, foul language, and sexist jokes, this disgraceful example of administrative drivel is continuing to subject teachers to a horrid school work environment.

    Is Dan Barton a take-charge reformer or a boss from hell? [link no longer valid] Or both? - The June 29, 2000 - July 5, 2000 article from the Seattle Weekly.

    Rotten to the core [link no longer valid] - Another Seattle Weekly article (April 12 - April 18, 2001) concerning "Dirty Dan's" grossly inappropriate rein of terror at Seattle's Gatewood Elementary School. It appears as if the school district is IGNORING Dirty Dan's rein of terror. Bravo Seattle Weekly for having the courage to expose the filth at Gatewood.