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"World's Greatest College Teacher" (Just Ask Him!)
Abuses Students!

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State: Washington
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A student reported being scapegoated by a teacher at our college. She was a student of mine last year, and she is a very meticulous learner with great analytical abilities and motivation to work hard to achieve her goals. I know this teacher she has now has a reputation for being unethical in his approach to his students and his material (He skips over the material that he feels bored with, leaving all but the top students in the dust. He loves those students who learn without instruction and resents the rest, blaming them for not trying hard enough.) When she asked him to explain some concepts he feels are rudimentary, but part of his curriculum, he began targeting her; and now he's trying to turn the class against her. I have seen him do this with other students. The Administration has done nothing to protect the students or to answer any complaints against this tenured teacher. (I have complained a couple of times myself.) I am no longer in that department, but this student came to me today telling me that she has been targeted because he has identified her as a threat to his maintaining his self-image as a "great" teacher. You don't even have to ask him; he volunteers that he is the greatest, most dedicated teacher all the time. As if words were enough..... For lack of any education of the public about this hidden problem, I worry that no one will listen to what she has to say. Since she comes from a disadvantaged background, it is a double shame if she should lose her dream of becoming a professional; it already has been tainted.

This guy doesn't even need our union to protect him; he has his Administration who sincerely believe that they are "doing the best they can" while they hang their students out to dry for fear of causing a rowe. . .