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Attack on America

A Special Word to Those Impacted by the September 11 Attack on America

Recently, many visitors are coming to our site in search of information on "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" (PTSD) - an extremely serious illness that impacts (and debilitates) the lives of thousands of American teachers. Unfortunately, this illness will also strike THOUSANDS of additional Americans as a direct result of what occurred on September 11, 2001. The "Newsweek EXTRA EDITION: American Under Attack," released shortly after the attack states (page 44), "one psychiatrist predicted 'a massive wave of post traumatic stress disorder' among survivors." If you are here seeking information on PTSD:

  • ASEE STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT YOU SEEK IMMEDIATE PROFESSIONAL HELP. Unfortunately, PTSD can often lie in wait, for years, before fully surfacing. 
  • DO NOT WAIT to seek help. Again, ASEE STRONGLY recommends that if you suspect that you may have PTSD (or any symptoms that may indicate PTSD), or you are having ANY EMOTIONAL/MENTAL problems (remember, it's not a crime to need help) stemming from the trauma caused by the attack on America, that you seek IMMEDIATE professional medical assistance from someone who is thoroughly familiar with PTSD. Based upon the enormous number teachers who visit this site, all with formal diagnoses of PTSD, we have noticed a pattern that many psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and others in the helping professions ARE NOT fully trained to recognize and provide the correct diagnosis. Please relay upon these, and other fine professionals, such as pastors, rabies, priests, ministers, even lay counselors, and support groups to meet some of your needs but DO find someone who will verify that you do or do not suffer from PTSD. PTSD can be a long-term illness, is often treatable (the sooner, the better) but MUST be diagnosed by someone with appropriate training and experience. Many of the teachers, who have contributed to this site, suffered for years without the proper diagnosis and they can testify to the impact it has had upon their own lives.
  • While ASEE is not a medical agency and cannot offer medical advice, we have had much contact with teachers who do suffer from PTSD. For further information on PTSD, please visit the ASEE PTSD Page which will point you to some other places on the web that may help.

May God Bless You and DON'T DELAY if, for any reason, you feel you may need help. Remember, it is NOT a crime to maintain good health!