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National Education Association State Affiliates

Corrupt National Education Association State Affiliates

Not only is the National Education Association (NEA) a facade for extorting exorbitant membership fees from their "members," many of whom are unable to receive any help for the horrors in their schools, but so are NEA's state sffiliates.

State Affiliate Horrors

  • California Teachers Association - See how the California Teachers Association (300,000 members strong?) ignores and harms teachers while ignoring massive, ongoing corruption within their own ranks. They like to support "accountability" in their media campaigns but haven't a clue as to what the word means when it comes to their own organization. As you will see, CTA "leaders" are often more concerned with rising through the ranks of their organization than with the teachers they allegedly "protect."
    Idaho Education Association - refuses to help one of their own chapter presidents!
  • Tennessee Education Association - the president of this organization attempting to ensure future job satisfaction? You decide.
  • Washington Teachers Association - David Blomstrom's web site, The Geobopological Survey Site contains a special section just for this fine organization [link temporarily unavailable].

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