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North Forest Independent School District


Teacher Physically Assaulted!

Name: [name redacted]
email: [redacted]
Anonymous: No
Post: Yes
State: Texas
County: Harris
District: North Forest I.S.D.


I am a certified teacher in the N.F.I.S.D. I was physically assaulted last year in front of my class by three employees. I was assaulted because I reported illegal activity at school. The principal lied about assault to Supt. in spite of eyewitnesses. The Supt. accepted the principal's word as truth. The Supt. denied me an assault leave of absent to recover from injury and she denied me a timely grievance hearing. The Police refused to investigate assault. I filed criminal charges against my attackers. The Judge let them go free because my eyewitnesses were not present. Parents did not want their six year old students in court. The parents allowed students to write statements to School District. ATPE appealed to Texas state Commissioner. The Commissioner responded after I resigned . It took almost a year for the Commissioner to respond. I wrote letters to Governor George Bush, President Clinton and State Rep. at no avail. The Commissioner ordered the District to give me a hearing.