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New Mexico

Caution - this page is Rated X and is not suitable for concerned American citizens. All puns intended. (All sarcasm is intended!)

Caught with your pants down? Not a problem!

After all, isn't New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment?" or is it the "Land of Self Enchantment?" then again, perhaps they need to ask permission to become the next "Show Me" State!

Well, we've got to "hand it" to 'em - by reading further, you will learn of the latest disgrace that "exposes" just how corrupt American schools are. Why not take a "peep" at Los Lunas School District and learn about America's latest version of "hands on" sex education! Click here for some HOT Action!

State Horrors


County Horrors


Local Horrors

  • Los Lunas School District - Not only does this district have problems with such simple tasks as the proper use of Spanish, but Los [sic] Lunas is apparently so "sic"/"sick" that administrators and others seem to lack all sense of basic moral decency. For example:
    • Sixth grade students exposed to pictures a teacher exposing himself. District administrators reported to have lied to parents by telling them that the teacher had been placed on leave during the investigation when, in fact, they merely transferred him to teach at another school.
    • Sharing pictures of privates (no, we're not referring to the military kind) seems to be just fine but, God forbid, a teacher sits on the floor during a staff meeting because there are not enough chairs to sit on? Well, that's another matter. In this case, the teacher is FIRED!!!! Now what's wrong with THIS picture?! Looks like this is one district that really understands the meaning of "obscenities." Furthermore, it seems that this is not the only case of teacher abuse - apparently, there are numerous other teachers involved in lawsuits against this district for the vile experiences they are being subjected to. Just what kind of sic/sick loonies "manage" Los [sic] Loonies School District? Click here to find out more!