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Lawsuits Against the National Education Association

NEA Lawsuits

We are providing just a few of the lawsuits that have been brought against the National Education Association. Since the initial inception of this site, new resources have become available to permit interested parties in obtaining information about lawsuits filed in Federal Courts (lawsuits filed in state courts are still very difficult to search). If you are aware of any legal proceedings against NEA and/or their affiliates please notify ASEE so that that information may be posted here for all to see.

  • Ronica Sarkisian-Carlisle vs. NEA - Ms. Sarkisian-Carlisle had the "audacity" to personally ask Bobby "Big Buck$" Chase how much he earned - he claimed he "didn't" know but that sure didn't stop NEA from retaliating against Ms. Carlisle. She took on the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association and, apparently won!