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Delran High School

Delran High School

Use a weapon, get 3 or 4 days of suspension (at the discretion of the school administrator). Use a cell phone - automatically get a week off!

Anonymous: Yes
Post: Yes
State: New Jersey
County: Burlington
District: Delran

My story concerns students (approx.10), being suspended for having cell phones accidentally ring in school. Most of these incidents happened in the cafeteria or hallway and were therefore not disrupting a class. The school policy did not ban phones, however use in the building was prohibited. The student handbook states that the penalty for use of a cell phone is out-of-school suspension for a full week. Again, according to the handbook, students caught with defensive weapons such as Mace, CO or CS gas (tear gas), stunguns or tasers were NOT subject to an automatic in-school or out -of-school suspension. At the discretion of the principal or assistant principal the penalty for carrying a weapon could be as little as 3 or 4 days suspension.

Last June, during the last week of the school year I became aware of two serious discipline infractions he first involved an assault on the school police officer. A student ,unprovoked, took a swing at the officer. I cannot confirm whether or not the student landed a blow or not. I am aware of two versions. One version is that he did not inflict a blow upon the officer. The other version is that he hit the officers shoulder-mounted microphone. While these details are unconfirmed, it is a fact that the student in question did indeed try to hit a police officer IN SCHOOL. Punishment for this act? Three days IN-SCHOOL suspension. Having a cell phone go off, under ANY circumstances including emergencies-AUTOMATIC OUT-OF -SCHOOL SUSPENSION. The second serious infraction involved drugs. A student was caught with drugs in his locker. Penalty for this serious infraction? One day out-of -school suspension and three days in school suspension. Again the penalty for having a cell phone go off under ANY circumstances including emergencies-AUTOMATIC ONE FULL WEEK OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION. It seems to many of us, parents and teachers alike that there is something seriously wrong with the discipline policy at Delran High School.

In the interest of attempting to keep this as concise as possible, I will not list the many other incidents of what many of us consider grossly unfair and illogical discipline practices. Of interest in most of the cell phone cases is the fact that the majority of these students had NEVER be in trouble before. Some, I know for a fact, had never even been cited for violation as petty as chewing gum. There are a number of us who would greatly appreciate the posting of this story. Please feel free to contact me for further details or to here the accounts of other concerned parents and teachers. Thank you.