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Cobb County Takes Away Hearing Aid From A Child!
The brave parent (who is also a teacher) who contributed this horrifying story is the one who filed a petition against the district that resulted in new standards being developed on classroom acoustics! As a result of Ms. Richards' work, the first-ever standards on classroom acoustics are in the final stages of being adopted into Federal Law. These new standards will have a significant impact upon millions of children all around our nation! ASEE salutes Ms. Richards for her extraordinary efforts to bring this important issue to light. A brief story on her a speech she gave in July 2002 may be found [link no longer valid]. As part of her efforts, a new organization, Parents Voice, has been formed. This organization has been highly influential in helping to see that the classroom acoustics standards have been developed and adopted into law!

Parent/Teacher Helps Son and the Entire Nation!

Name: Widget Richards
Anonymous: No
Post: Yes
State: Georgia
County: Cobb
District: Cobb County School District

A teacher and principal turned off our son's hearing aids for punishment and then the audiologist over amplified our son on his listening device.......I am a parent and a teacher.....We had a lot of documentation on all of this and filed everything possible to get rid of the teachers but, since 1992, they have all remain employed except for the audiologist and he left soon after all this happened. The story was on the first page and on TV........Widget Richards. (The parent who filed the petition with the ADA on acoustics.)