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Citrus County Schools

School District Administrators Endorse Program that Discriminates Against Children!

That's right! An "economics" program allows students to discriminate against other students. One learning disabled child is forced to go weeks without his chair and desk.

Children Permitted to Abuse
Children With Disabilities

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State: Florida
County: Citrus
District: Citrus County Schools

There is a district-wide program at the Citrus County Schools that is called the LIFE program. What it basically teaches children and their families is #1 LIFE sucks, #2 LIFE isn't fair, and #3 Children with disabilities will never have a fair chance for a free appropriate public education - welcome to REAL LIFE.

As I understand the program, it began as an exercise in basic economics - the children are given a "paycheck" and then use the paycheck to make purchases, etc., at school. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, the problems arise when children are "fined" for not having homework done, breaking classroom rules, etc. When they are out of "money" then they start taking away the students desks and chairs! (If you have ever had your mortgage foreclosed, or your car repossessed by the bank - then you certainly understand this concept.)

The administrators of this program have taken a simple lesson in basic economics and turned it into a punitive behavior program - which takes the most advantage of the children who are least able to be successful. Here is a newspaper article that states how the program was "examined" after a parent complained because his learning disabled son had been without a desk and chair for weeks!
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Classes begin in 2 weeks, and as far as I can tell, very little has been done to correct this situation. No real action has been taken by the school board.

Is it any wonder that children who are victimized by the abuse of programs such as this become angry, sullen, and sometimes violent against their teachers and peers?