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Another Victor Elementary Teacher Pleads Guilty

Another Victor Elementary School District Teacher Molests Girls

So, what else is new? Here's another article from the Victorville Daily Press (Top Story, July 23, 1997) Located below are the headlines and some clippings that once appeared on the Daily Press' web site ( - unfortunately, the Daily Press appears to have removed that article so it is no longer available for your viewing pleasure. FYI, Liberty Elementary School is another fine school within the Victor Elementary School District.

Due to copyright restrictions, it is not possible to display the entire newspaper article that appeared in the Victorville Daily Press, but here are the headlines for your reading pleasure (you should write to the Daily Press to obtain your own copy!):

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...Hmmmm. this child appears to have been ignored for three years too - just like the mentally retarded child, at Lomitas Elementary School was ignored for THREE years! Isn't this pathetic?

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Makes one want to vomit!