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Victor Elementary School District Child Molestors

Mentor Teachers or Child Molesters: Victor Elementary School District's Finest

The Victor Elementary School District consistently claims to hire "only the best" teachers. Take a look at some of these fine specimens:

  • Victor Elementary Teacher (and Victor Elementary Teachers Association Elections Chairperson) gets 138 days in Jail for Lewd Conduct! This individual also happens to have been a "mentor" teacher for the school district!
  • Another Victor Elementary School District Teacher Pleads Guilty to Molesting Girls!
  • Lomitas Elementary School "Mentor Teacher" Disappears Suddenly, during the middle of the school year, on charges of sexual child abuse and never returns to school. (Sorry folks, but the Victorville Daily Press kept the lid on this one - it is known, however, that they were sending out reporters to investigate when this incident first occurred!)