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Denise Edge Interferes With Job Interviews

Lomitas Elementary Principal, Denise Edge, Interferes with Attempts by Teachers to Obtain Employment Elsewhere

Click to listen to Denise Edge message.CLICK HERE to listen to an audio file of the principal of Lomitas Elementary School Interfering with an Interview with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office.

This is what a teacher can expect when attempting to get out of an environment that puts on "Dog and Pony Shows" to gain kudos for administrators at the expense of children. By double-clicking on the icon at the left, you will hear, in the principal's own voice, a telephone answering machine message she left for one former Lomitas employee who had already left Lomitas. She was never told, by this employee, that he had gone for an interview with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office (SBCSS). Furthermore, this teacher NEVER gave permission for the SBCSS's Office to release information about the interview which took place. In fact, the San Bernardino County School's Office had been specifically told that, THEY DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO CONTACT, or OBTAIN INFORMATION FROM, THE PRINCIPAL OF LOMITAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. By the time this message was left, the teacher had already left the school and had no intention of going back to work there. In addition, the complaint against Lomitas Elementary School, with the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights had ALREADY BEEN FILED - perhaps this was one form of retaliation!? There can be NO QUESTION that something clearly unethical (and likely, illegal) took place here. It is also known that this principal also interfered with attempts by this same teacher to obtain employment with both the Bear Valley (CA) Unified School District and the Snowline (CA) Unified School District. Hey, Lomitas teachers - aren't you glad that you can expect this if you try to leave - it's only too bad you probably don't have as many high quality references from numerous universities and other similar sources that this teacher had! (Just in case you can't hear the WAV file, the following is a transcript of what the Principal said.)

"I talked to Doug Slonkowski at the County (San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office) today with regards to that, uh, technology position, so when you get back into town, would you give me a call - um, I wanted to let you know what I had found out."