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Delaine Eastin: Former California Superintendent of Schools

Delaine Eastin: Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Racism, and Discrimination

This page was intentionally designed as a "tribute" to bigot Delaine Eastin, California Superintendent of "Public Instruction" - Apologies to all visitors who will find her lack of ethical behavior repugnant. (FYI, This page is designed to be offensive to decent citizens who, unlike Eastin, really do care about children!)

Here she is folks, California's illustrious State Superintendent of "Public Instruction," Delaine Eastin! Not only was the esteemed "Fuehrer" of California's public schools FULLY AWARE of the Discrimination at Lomitas Elementary School, she then NOMINATED LOMITAS as a "National Blue Ribbon School." If you listen carefully, you can almost hear her say, "Don't you just ADORE those blond-haired, blue-eyed classes at Lomitas - I wish my hair was a blond as those children - at least my eyes are blue!" Here are some of the other segregated classes that I just LOVE at Lomitas - I'm so proud of them!" Delaine Eastin is an EMBARRASSMENT to California and our Nation!

After reading some of the following, you'll begin to wonder if any "gray matter" exists within the California State Department of Education - no wonder California schools rank near the bottom on so many measurements of educational excellence!

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