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A "Response" from Bigot/Racist Delaine Eastin

Finally, a "Response" From Delaine Eastin's Office

This response, provided AFTER the California Department of Education (CDE) had already announced their "winners" of the 1997-1998 California "Distinguished School Award" is a farce! Please note that at least TWO COMPLAINTS were sent to the CDE regarding the school's nomination - NOTHING about this was mentioned in the CDE's review of the school! Also, Barry Pullium was Superintendent of the San Bernardino County Schools Office at the time. (Just in case you wanted to know). You'll also note that the ONLY people interviewed by the CDE regarding the nomination of Lomitas Elementary School were people who HAD SOMETHING TO GAIN by the selection of the ONLY school from San Bernardino County to receive this award. Gosh. . .

Copy of resopnse from bigot/racist Delaine Eastin
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