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Texas Higher Education Scandal

Questionable Accounting?

Name: [name redacted]
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State: Texas
District: Sam Houston State University


With the rise of "local" as opposed to "state" funding of higher education in Texas, wide latitude has been assumed by individual institutions' administrations. As a result, huge amounts of monies which are paid for "specific" purposes by students as "fees" end up as a slush fund which is applied (particularly) to intercollegiate athletics all out of proportion to their role or appropriateness to the school involved. These irregularities are so well hidden that the second-class auditors from the state government cannot find the abuses.

Academic programs have suffered under this so severely that a sort of fatigue hangs over the entire academic community, Further, the board of trustees is so clueless that they have even allowed a new set of fees to be added with no oversight.