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Porno Man!

You've got to "hand it" to the Loonies at Los [sic] Lunas School District - a place where administrators really know how to "take matters into their own hands."

A news story, posted on the web site, about "Parents Filing Suit Over Teacher Accused of Showing Inappropriate Picture," provides the first glimpse at sex education, Los [sic] Lunas style. Apparently, a Los Loonies teacher shared a picture of himself in his birthday suit, along with all of the "attachments," to his sixth grade class at Raymond Gabeldon Intermediate School! Gosh, sex education has come a long ways!

Anything wrong with this picture? Apparently district administration doesn't think so - it appears that they lied to parents by allegedly stating that "the teacher was placed on leave" after his exposé, when, in reality, they merely transferred him to another school, Manzano Vista Middle School.

It's time to start "exposing" the seemingly sick mentality behind those that appear to give a helping hand to those that already enjoy helping themselves! .