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Lone Hill Middle School

Lone Hill Middle School
   . . . Lone Hell Middle School
      . . .oh heck, what does it matter? -
            they're a "California Distinguished School!"

And they certainly fit the profile for that honor - as yet another school that has been found in in violation of Federal law by the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights!

Parent Prevails Against Bonita Unified School District
again and Again and AGAIN!

This "California Distinguished School" first appeared on the ASEE site back on October 26, 2001 when we issued a news release on a complaint filed against Lone Hill Middle School and the Bonita Unified School District when they refused to reinstate services for a student who had been illegally exited from special education with neither his father's knowledge nor consent. Furthermore, the father first learned of the district's illegal actions months after the fact.