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Ronica Sarkisian Carlisle vs. National Education Association

Ronica Sarkisian Carlisle Brings the National Education Association to Their Knees

All National Education Association Members will want to read the following - you'll discover how your "union" represents (or doesn't represent) you.

Bravo Ms. Carlisle!

This case made it all the way to the top of the California Public Employment Relations Board's (PERB) process before NEA appears to have settled with Ms.Sarkisian Carlisle based on her charge of an unfair practice. As the following document clearly demonstrates, Ms. Sarkisian Carlisle was, apparently, retaliated against by National Education Association, which is allegedly an organization that is there to protect their members It appears as if Ms. Carlisle's only "crime" was that she had the guts to ask Bob Chase, (thank God now past) President of the National Education, if a Wall Street Journal report on his salary was correct. Please note that this occurred at a function of the equally corrupt California Teachers Association. So much for "Big Buck$ Bob's" "New Unionism." Perhaps this is what the California Teachers Association likes to refer to as accountability.

An EMBARRASSMENT to all Educators

Click here to obtain the actual court record. If this document doesn't provide a good description of what the National Education Association is really like, nothing will.

Vistors will also find the original complaint filed against the National Education Association with the California Public Employment Relations Board to be quite enlightening.