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Lomitas Elementary School - Special Education Students

Special Education Students are Identified by
Picture and Name in the Lomitas Elementary School Year Book!

Photo of Lomitas Elementary School special education students revealed by name in year book.
Click on picture to reveal full size copy.

Please note that the faces and names of these students been covered in order to protect the identity of these children (double click on the thumbnail for a closer view).

ASEE believes that the inclusion of these students and identifying them as special education students, with their names and faces apparent to ALL of the hundreds of children and their parents who purchased this year book, "appears to have violated a multitude of student privacy protection laws, including, but not limited to the Federal Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA)."

The label "SDC", in the above picture, stands for "Special Day Class" - in other words, students in special education classes at Lomitas Elementary School were identified as such to the PUBLIC!

Isn't Lomitas Elementary School a GREAT PLACE to be - certainly it's the type of school that deserves to receive that "National Blue Ribbon School Award from President Clinton!" (October 1999) Here are another couple of items for those that REALLY care about children.

One of these boys (you'll note that they are ALL boys) was the one who had been in a regular education classroom for THREE YEARS before being placed here for a few days - he was, apparently, so disruptive that Denise Edge, Principal of Lomitas Elementary School, suspended him (after which this poor child NEVER returned to school)!

Principal Denise Edge also CALLED the POLICE on another one of these children. That sure sounds a LOT different than her statement in the Victorville, California Daily Press that "The only time (Lomitas children) see a policeman is when they come to their house to arrest their mom or dad." Well, Mrs. Edge, it certainly would appear that in, at least this case, YOU helped a child "see a policeman!"